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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Canadian TV wants genealogy stories

Canadian Television Show Wants Your Genealogy Stories

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History Television in Canada is looking for your family's genealogy stories. The show is looking for "astonishing stories with a Canadian connection."

Here are some excerpts from the show's web site:

Help History Television create an intriguing new series that will help you find your ancestors. Were your ancestors sheep-thieves or war heroes, saints or sinners, or something quite unexpected? Are there family secrets you'd still like to unlock or legends you've already untangled? Let Ancestors in the Attic help you solve your dramatic, personal family mysteries or feature the stories you've already uncovered.
Your Stories
Whether you're a historical researcher or a family historian we'd like to hear about the astonishing stories with a Canadian connection that you've already unearthed. Have you made an unexpected or startling discovery? We'd like to hear about it.
If your story or family history research is selected, it could appear on Ancestors in the Attic.
Your Mysteries
Are there family mysteries you'd like to solve? Tell us what you know about the person in your family whose story most intrigues you. It can be a distant ancestor, a grandparent, parent, uncle or aunt. Does the mystery involve an heirloom or do you have an artifact that tells a tale you can't decipher? Send us a picture and tell us how it relates to your story.
Do you have a family legend you've always wanted to confirm? A great, great grandfather who might have been a European aristocrat, an ancestor related to a famous politician or world-renowned musician.
Perhaps you've hit a brick wall in your research or just have a question you'd like answered. Or perhaps you have a relative associated with a famous, infamous or just plain interesting event in Canadian history.
In 500 words or less, tell us your story. If it's chosen our team of professional genealogists will help you unearth the answers you've been searching for.
There is more information available on the TV program's web site at

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